Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Dolphin - an acroyoga washing machine

Discovered in 2014 with flyer Jamie Lee, and tuned up with many others since then.
Possible variation, without bow, go straight from bird on hands to seated pike, by opening legs in a quick straddle, supported by bases knees and toes.

Play with it, use spotters (or surround yourself with magic soft sand:) ... enjoy & share any variation you discover!

Link to Acropedia 

Friday, January 13, 2017

that video is an oldie but goodie... back in the days, already some funky "acroyoga" with Krishnamacharya and his daughter. I can't help but wonder if at some time in India they were doing it with adults sometimes, even if "just for adjusting" as i saw it done in an ashtanga shala a few years ago... In this video i love about the gentle & firm care of the base, he's not just tossing the kid around, but really giving the yogic experience... and i love the dismount, gotta try it with kids & adults! 

i am excited to go back to India this Spring with 2 immersions in 2 different regions of the north, 2 different types of immersions.. so they can be taken as combo:

25-29 March: Rishikesh Lunar, back to our favorite ashram, on the high Ganges shores:
15-19 April: Dharamsala Elemental, the Dalai Lama will be our neighbor in this land or pristine mountains & rivers:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

AcroYoga Space Walk

I learned this skill at the Bangkok Solar Immersion 2016, from my coteacher Jason Nemer. I don't recall it had a name, so "space walk" it is for now.  Walking on each other's feet requires subtle listening and co-leading between the 2 partners, like a tango dance beyond language barriers. 

Hence the bonus story... Over 4 years ago, yes June 2012, i was teaching an AcroYoga workshop in a gorgeous eco resort in Bali, it was pretty basic level, but one girl was amazing at flying & basing, she could do everything so at the end i asked her where she did it before…. she just smiled a bit embarrassed,… because she couldn’t understand English!… and someone helped translate that it was her first time!  That's her flying on this video, Risa Nishiura one of the first certified AcroYoga teachers, it was such a joy to co-teach immersion with her in September. Now she can teach in English… and you can only imagine how amazing her acroyoga skills are growing.

Just a little reminder that AcroYoga partnership goes beyond verbal communication, when you have the wisdom to listen with heart and body <3

Friday, June 10, 2016

First (acro)Tango in Hong Kong

Marc discovers Hong Kong, as Rhiann discovers AcroYoga, here is the result!  .. and what is better than a little tango to reflect the HK glamour?
(unfortunately because of music copyright issues, it is only visible on desktop)

++ don't miss the bloopers :P

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tulayoga Bliss

A slow one for a change... So grateful for another gem from video maker Rhiann Suen, and to Joy for the trust and fancy pants. And of course to Louka and the Tulayoga community for developing and keeping this special practice evolving and deepening ˜ . ˜

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Vegemite Roll (forth... and back!)

the birth of a washing machine... we were playing with Head to Hands and flowed into what really is a "heady" version of a high Kathrin's Wheel... and since it was in Oz surrounded by Perthians, co-created with fearless flyer Victoria "Tori" McLarty.. it was named the Vegemite Roll,.. time will tell if it sticks,.. yum yum...

oh and the end is more like a dreamed "Rewind" version, we have yet to try it, 
please share any attempt!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

One night i had this vision of a rotating Floating Pashi which i couldn't get out of my mind ~`~
Then one day it became reality with Tori Victoria Mclarty embodying the flying mantras "squeeze and trust" & "keep your shape" & the less well known "subtly and silently micro-adjust"...
Play with it, step by step, no rush, use a spotter if any doubt.. and let us know how it goes! 
Oh and try the reverse, it might become the sequel to this video 
Special thanks to Emily Williams for patiently filming us, at the risk of being roasted alive by the NT sun!