Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Acroyoga has a new logo! 

Now before explaining.. which one do you prefer?


I was a bit surprised, at first, it feels colder than the old one... doesn't it?  maybe because i got used to the now vintage logo, it feels cosy and familiar.  But looking at the new one a bit longer i can see a perplexing mathematical beauty emerging, sort of like a Möbius strip

Of course the realm of the mathematical is approaching the spiritual.  And as our wise leaders have thought thoughtfully about it, don't expect anything less than sacred geometry.. of a new kind, specially designed to summarize the philosophy of Acroyoga (dot org;-). 
In their own words:
The new logo has arrived! It was co-created by Jason, Jenny, Izzy Van Hall (TT7) and graphic designer Amir Magal. It took about nine months to give birth to this image and we are very happy with it and wanted to share with you its meaning and symbolism.
Triangle Infinity Sign:  
This is to symbolize the trinity of the practice in its many forms. There is healing in yoga and acrobatics, there is acrobatics in yoga and healing and there is yoga in acrobatics and healing, they are all part of the same practice and they bring the world together through divine play.  
  • Acrobatics/Healing Arts/Yoga 
  • Base/Flyer/Spotter
  • Sun/Moon/Union
Colors of the Triangle Infinity Sign:
  • Orange - the solar, yang dynamic component of Acrobatics
  • Blue - the lunar, yin healing component of Healing Arts 
  • Purple - balance of solar and lunar, the unifying aspects of Yoga
Outer Circle:  
  • the nature of the circle that is open and inclusive and everyone is equal  
  • the community that holds the practice  
  • the ever expanding and evolving nature of the practice   
  • that we as the community will always be in motion and evolution together


Now look again at the logo again.. quite gorgeous, hey? :P

Only regret if there must be one, the groovy old font:  but it stays in my heart.