Why AcroMarcoPolo?

Marc Bauchet travels the world teaching AcroYoga, Tulayoga and Thai massage. From martial arts and science backgrounds, he started exploring yoga(s) over 15 years ago, on the way discovering disciplines which are now integrated in his practice and teachings: AcroYoga, Tulayoga, acrobatics, tango, meditation and Thai massage. Marc is fueled by the passion to share the joy and benefits of these ancestral and modern practices!

acroMarco is my nom d'artiste & website, i just like how the letters dance around the M, and Marco was a childhood nickname... i guess i was cute and Marc sounded too short and martial.

AcroMarcoPolo makes sense to me as the life of the original Marco Polo resonates with & fascinates me.  Like him i am a lucky traveller between Europe & Asia, in this life and most likely beyond.  Still i feel some countries are missing in my quest, along the silk road and around, that are currently not safe for the family man i have become lately.  So the only way i can make it there is to make peace within and spread it on Earth... through AcroYoga for now!

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