Friday, January 13, 2017

Oldie but goodie... back in the days, already some funky "acroyoga" with Krishnamacharya and his daughter. I can't help but wonder if at some time in India they were doing it with adults sometimes, even if "just for adjusting" as i saw it done in an ashtanga shala a few years ago... In this video i love about the gentle & firm care of the base, he's not just tossing the kid around, but really giving the yogic experience... and i love the dismount, gotta try it with kids & adults! 

i am excited to go back to India this Spring with 2 immersions in 2 different regions of the north, 2 different types of immersions.. so they can be taken as combo:

25-29 March: Rishikesh Lunar, back to our favorite ashram, on the high Ganges shores:
15-19 April: Dharamsala Elemental, the Dalai Lama will be our neighbor in this land or pristine mountains & rivers:

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