Friday, October 06, 2017

Photoshoot as a yogic practice

September in China was rich in crazy fun photoshoots, like this one with amazing Zoe @BieJieBieJie. Photographers love to click a lot those days! I sometimes thought of it as a nuisance, a wasteful by-product of the digital over-information age. Now as i scrutinize all the subtle variation to select the “best” shots, i find value in observing the minute details and angle variations in my body shape (and possibly my partner’s). So back to the yoga of self-study / svadyaya, and patient self-love … not to be confused hopefully with narcissism :P but using photos as tools to reflect & experiment which shape produces a more stable / fun / challenging / esthetic / relaxing.. effect. My main fields of study right now are: shoulder opening (in last years a huge progress and a revolutionary inner feeling, and yet as the photo shows there is still room for more angle & extension!), the effects of toe pointing (as @jasonnemer’s goading still echoes) especially during press-ups, and search for spaces of relaxation in the straight body extension. Thanks for reading, the practice of hardstanding is so rich i could keep filling pages! So, enough said, back to practicing, disconnecting the mind, feeling.

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