Monday, August 13, 2012

Tulayoga Basics (English)

I just became certified to teach Tulayoga this July!  The classic teaching format will be that of a Tulayoga Basics weekend, or as 2-3 hours a day over a week as I did it over the weekly retreat in Corrèze (1-5 Aug 2012).  Here is the description of a Tulayoga Basics workshop.  Read it to understand why i am so excited to share the gem or Tulayoga!  For dates and location of the next Tulayoga Basics workshops stay tuned at my workshop page or contact me to be on my (irregular:) newsletter. 

Tulayoga Basics Workshop

Tulayoga is a subtle, profound and powerfully transformative experience that one person gives to another in a private and quiet space. It is meditative, inward looking and primarily focused on the release of tension and the therapeutic benefits of floating in stillness.

Over the two days of this weekend workshop you will be shown how to begin giving a basic Tulayoga treatment. You will be shown how to find and work with the balance points in your arms and legs so that you can support another person above you using technique rather than force.

You will practice 8 fundamental Tulayoga postures and the transitions between them 
while being introduced to ways of using touch, breathing and intention to bring yourself and the person you are treating into a deeper state of relaxation.

The Tulayoga Basics weekend gives you an insight into the pleasure of giving and receiving Tulayoga treatments and an understanding of the effects and therapeutic benefits of the various postures. It also brings your strength and sensitivity together into a concentrated, harmonious and effective flow and allows you to enter into a calm and peaceful state of consciousness with others.

For Tulayoga Basics you need have no experience in bodywork, yoga or meditation but you do need to be in good health.

To insure sufficient individual attention this workshop is limited to 10 participants, please register in advance to participate.

Tulayoga was founded by Louka Leppard in 2000. For more information on Tulayoga and advanced practitioners trainings, please visit

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